Hello September

Wow! Can you believe that we are nearly in September?

How has your August been?   

Have you been to the shops there is so much Halloween stuff around and also some Christmas stuff!

I could not believe it… IT’S AUGUST!

What a busy week we had last week! 

Some seriously classy venues and some really fab events! 

Two days in the beautiful Ayrshire Coast at the Seamill Hydro and Turnberry Hotel! 

Everyone loving Ellis Gin!

Then we went to the lovely Corke & Caske on Hyndland Road in Glasgow!

Then West Lothian to the 1st  Anniversary West Lothian Producers Market! We met some amazing existing and new customers!

This weekend is crazy, crazy, crazy again!

You can check out all our September events below!

We would love to see you at some of them!

In place of Cocktails with Carol this week we thought we would share a special recipe for Bramble Gin Jam instead!



  • Add the Sugar to the Brambles and stir them together. Leave to macerate for at least two hours, ideally overnight!
  • In a saucepan on low heat, stir the Brambles and Sugar with the Lemon Juice until any remaining Sugar has dissolved and the Brambles begin to break down. Bring to a rolling boil until the mixture reaches 105°C/220°F on a Sugar Thermometer (if you have one)
  • Take the Jam off the heat and stir in your Ellis Scottish Bramble Gin
  • Leave the jam to cool for 30 minutes and then pour it into sterilised jam jars. 
  • Only add the jam jar lid when the jam is completely cold.

Then you can enjoy it on some warm toast!

If you are looking for some Ellis No.2 Bramble Gin to make your own Jam click here to order yours!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and can’t believe we are saying this but a wonderful start to September!

Live life beautifully with Ellis Gin,

Carol x

Recent News

Ellis Gin Cocktails

Ellis gin is a small batch Scottish gin carefully crafted in Glasgow. Mixed with hand-selected botanicals and macerated to create beautiful colours. Ellis was originally created as the base to our really successful Ready to Drink Gin Cocktail - previously called Gin&Mix - now been rebranded to be called Ellis Gin Cocktails Ellis was originally launched with two coloured flavored gins - designed to be different. In June 2019 we then launched Ellis Gin No.4 "Pink Shimmer". Ellis is a delight to all the senses. Beautiful vibrant colours - some even reveal new colours when mixer is added! Ellis Gin provides a delight to the adventurous palates and Gin connoisseurs alike.