Recipe of the Month – November

This months recipe has a warmness to it to heat you up during those cold winter nights. Its called our Bramble Best.

25ml Ellis No.2 Scottish Bramble Gin, 25ml Campari and 50 ml of Ginger Ale, Granish with a slice or orange. Serve in a champagne flute – very tasty ))

Bramble Best

For those of you that remember – Wafted from paradise or Luton Airport !!!

Recent News

Ellis Gin Cocktails

Ellis gin is a small batch Scottish gin carefully crafted in Glasgow. Mixed with hand-selected botanicals and macerated to create beautiful colours. Ellis was originally created as the base to our really successful Ready to Drink Gin Cocktail - previously called Gin&Mix - now been rebranded to be called Ellis Gin Cocktails Ellis was originally launched with two coloured flavored gins - designed to be different. In June 2019 we then launched Ellis Gin No.4 "Pink Shimmer". Ellis is a delight to all the senses. Beautiful vibrant colours - some even reveal new colours when mixer is added! Ellis Gin provides a delight to the adventurous palates and Gin connoisseurs alike.